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Marketing and Regulation.
Understand the changing global regulatory marketing issues, and new marketing tactics.
International Innovation Thinktank.
Thought Leadership. PhDs and experts in their field.

About Us

TGE Marketing & Advisory Corp. is an international consultancy and think tank with offices in Hong Kong and Vancouver.  TGE delivers insights, analysis and expertise in innovation and go-to-market strategies.  Specifically, TGE maintains strengths in the areas of blockchain innovation, finance technology, smart cities, health and life sciences, industrial equipment manufacturing, entertainment, education, government relations, engineering, and the automotive sector.  The firm’s founders include Al Leong, Dr. Daniel Araya, and Dr. Alexander Bogicevic.  Mr. Leong launched products for 3COM, Adobe, Apple, IBM, Motorola, Buena Vista Pictures, HP, Disney, Sony, and Microsoft, and consulted for IDC/IDG Canada, Siemens, Fox Home Entertainment and multiple technology startups in Silicon Valley.  Dr. Araya is an experienced technology researcher and policy analyst, contributing to Forbes, the Brookings Institution, Futurism, and Singularity Hub.  Dr. Araya regularly speaks at a number of universities and research centers including the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, Harvard University, the American Enterprise Institute, the Center for Global Policy Solutions, Stanford University, the University of Toronto, UC Santa Cruz, and Microsoft Research. He is also a contributor to Brookings Institution and Forbes.  Dr. Bogicevic is a physicist and material scientist with 20 years of experience managing large global R&D and engineering teams as a former executive with Ford Motor Company and Eaton, with over 50 peer-reviewed publications and technology patents relating primarily to materials, energy, and sustainability within automotive, hydraulics, aerospace, and electrical industries.


CMO Services

Build an instant Marketing team.  Your Contract Chief Marketing Officer is available on-demand.

  • Fundraising, Company or Product Launch.  Get powerful social media reach: 8.7 million LinkedIn group readers, 90,000+ Twitter Followers, extended social media teams with 24/7 global coverage.
  • Strategic Marketing Advisory.
  • Asian (APAC) Marketing, localization and translation
  • Private Investor Meetings, Meetups and Group Pitch Events in Hong Kong, Singapore and Seoul
  • Database of 9,000+ investors, family offices, funds, CEOs and influencers
  • Connect with the most talented network of contractors and agencies that deliver quick, powerful impact.


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